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Our Development Process

Developing a custom database solution is a very collaborative process where we will work closely with you to insure a solution that meets your needs.

The project will generally start with a broad planning phase where we will ask a lot of questions about your organization and the business processes to be codified in the custom database solution. To get things started in this phase, we have developed a project questionnaire.

We have found that breaking projects up into phases helps to divide the work into more manageable chunks and gets a working solution in the hands of our clients faster. During the planning phase, we’ll attempt to identify these phases.

For each phase, we will move into gathering more detailed requirements for how the application needs to work. This will involve one or more in-person meetings and will allow us to gather the information needed to put a functional specification together.

The functional specification is a description of how the database will work, who will use it, and what the screens will look like. Depending on the project, we may create mockups of the proposed screens.

Once there is agreement on the specification, we’ll be able to provide a fairly concrete estimate on the cost of the development project.

With the specification complete, we’ll get down to the work of developing the solution. We can provide you with beta versions of the solution as we go along, so that you can verify that we’re on the right track and you can start testing the solution.

Testing is a very important part of the custom database development process. We don’t know your business or organization the way you do, and so your active involvement in testing the solution will be critical to the success of the project.

Once the project is finished, we will always be available for ongoing support. Our commitment to forming long-term relationships with our clients has given us the opportunity to work with some clients for as long as 21 years now.

Want to get started? You can either complete our questionnaire online, or download it, fill it out and email it back to us!