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The IT Crowd

“Have you tried turning it on and off again?” 

Each time I hear this famous tagline from the British TV series, the IT crowd, it makes me laugh. The IT Crowd is a witty comedy set in the IT department of a London corporation. Moss and Roy are your “standard nerds”, answering support calls from their office in the basement of the building. They are portrayed as outcasts, shunned by the rest of the company for their nerdiness. Resentful at their lack of recognition but proud of their intellectual skill set, their world is thrown into a tailspin when Jen comes along.  She is hired as the IT manager but knows nothing about computers, not even what IT stands for (See season 3, episode 3)!  The hijinks that follow make this situational comedy where two worlds collide a complete joy to watch.  For a laugh and a look into the life of nerds, check it out streaming on Netflix or here for free.

- Kate Wheeler

Check out this clip from the first episode to see what I mean!