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FileMaker 14 Release

On May 12th, FileMaker released the latest version of their database platform. FileMaker Pro, Server, and Go have all been updated to version 14.  

Some of the notable new features we’re excited about are: 

Significant enhancements to the script programming environment, called the “Script Workspace.” You now have the option to write scripts almost entirely from the keyboard. Similar to a number of other programming environments, the script editor now supports color hinting, auto-completion, and line numbers. You can also have multiple scripts open and switch back and forth by an automatically maintained tab interface. This new interface also incorporates the functionality to search for and edit scripts on the fly, as well as a new calculation dialog that incorporates auto-complete and the ability to search for calculations.

FileMaker’s WebDirect technology is now officially supported on mobile browsers, including Safari for iOS and Chrome for Android. Performance has been improved by as much as 25% and the number of supported browser connections increased to 100.

A new layout object, called the Button Bar, is now available to streamline the creation of navigation functionality. The new button bar has a great looking interface for assigning and customizing up to 140 button icons to use in a solution.

New top and bottom navigation parts allow you to scroll up and down on a page while the navigation remains static, hovering above the layout.

Both FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Go 14 will now attempt to reestablish a server connection if the device goes to sleep or briefly loses internet connectivity. This reconnect feature should be very helpful, in particular for some of our clients who have company-wide policies for  computers going to sleep after a period of idle time.

We’re anxious to dig into some of these new features, especially the Script Workspace. For more information on FileMaker 14 and other new features, check out the official FM14 web page for more details.

~ Joe