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FileMaker 15 Certified!

Last Tuesday morning, I did some last minute cramming before heading to a testing center in Austin for the FileMaker 15 certification exam. This is the 6th time I’ve taken the exam and each time I never know quite what to expect. FileMaker does a great job of providing adequate study materials. This year they have updated the website with an interactive diagram that gives an excellent overview of exam topics.

My experience this year was quite unique. After finishing the exam, I immediately received my score, which is highly appreciated (I hate to have to wait to find out my score). When I saw that I had passed, I breathed a sigh of relief and then I noticed the computer had frozen. What should have happened is for the process to continue to prompt me to print the score report and then return to the proctor.

Since I had no instructions, I walked over to the proctor, who asked me if I was having an issue. I told him I was finished and he said that the exam software indicated to him that I was still in the middle of the test. He walked back to my computer and validated that I had indeed passed. He told me he’s never seen this happen, but assured me I would not have to retake the exam after seeing my nervous look on my face.

I was unable to print the score report at all but he did allow me to use my phone to take a picture of the results so I could retain some evidence on my part. As I left the testing center he was already filing a report with Pearson Vue (the testing company contracted with FileMaker) and working on getting the problem resolved. I was impressed with the attention and efficiency that he took to fix the problem for me. I trust my exam results are on their way!

Update: I've received my notification and a copy of the FileMaker 15 Certified Developer logo!
~Kate Waldhauser