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4th Dimension V16

Starting with 4D v15, 4th Dimension has been undergoing a transition to a fully 64 bit architecture, a transition that is essentially complete with the latest new version of 4D. With the recently released 4D v16, the cache manager has been re-written to improve performance with large caches and large data files and the 4D language joins the database server, SQL server, and web server in implementing pre-emptive multi-tasking.

That's a fair amount of technical jargon, but to put it simply 4D v16 is the fastest performing version of 4D so far and is leading the way in taking maximum advantage of modern hardware and operating systems.

In addition to significant performance improvements, 4D v16 introduces a number of other exciting new capabilities:

  • Programming language improvements - including a much faster Replace String function, enhancements to the frequently used Distinct Values command, and numerous others.
  • VMWare vSphere integration - 4D now communicates with VMWare vSphere to insure your database is in a stable state when snapshots are saved. 
  • Listbox improvements include over 20 new getter and setter selectors to allow the developer even greater control of 4D's primary interface for display data in lists.
  • The 64 bit Quick Report editor now allows creation of cross tab style reports directly by the end user of the 4D database. 
  • v16 builds on the new Object field type introduced in 4D v15, a powerful new field type that allows 'schema-less' data management in 4D.

All in all, 4D v16, especially with its varied performance enhancements, looks to be a solid new release of 4th Dimension. Portage Bay will be upgrading our 4D based vertical market case management software, VIMS, to v16 in the next couple of months.
-John Newhoff


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