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Portage Bay

4D & FileMaker Events

This spring and summer are shaping up to be pretty interesting for FileMaker and 4th Dimension developers from an education and skills development perspective. I have three training seminars and developers conferences on the schedule.

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4th Dimension World Tour       

I'm writing this short article while on final approach into Denver International Airport. They took our laptops away due to turbulence and so I'm hunting and pecking on my iPad. I'll be in Denver for a couple of days for the Denver iteration of the world tour. The first day will focus on new technologies in 4D v15 and v16. Day 2 will be focused on building modern applications in 4D.


Pause on Error            

The 'unconference' of FileMaker conferences is in Las Gatos at the end of May. With the next version of FileMaker expected to incorporate features for JSON parsing, and sophisticated development in FileMaker relying more and more on JavaScript, Pause on Error will be focusing a good deal on these two areas,

Thrown into the mix will be trail running and meditation to balance things out. An interesting combination I’m looking forward to.


FileMaker Developer's Conference         

The annual FileMaker conference run by FileMaker itself is returning to Phoenix this year to the same venue as several years ago, the JW Marriott Phoenix Desert Ridge.

Maybe not the ideal time to visit Phoenix, the heat during the third week in July will at least help us all stay indoors and focused on learning more about the latest version of FileMaker. They've changed the format a bit this year by shortening the conference a bit, lowering the price, and adding a day exclusively for FileMaker Business Alliance members. I’m looking forward to seeing the content FileMaker presents to FBA members.

-- John Newhoff