2023 Claris Platform Update

Last week Claris held a 2023 Update Webinar to highlight the advances in the Claris Platform and outline the roadmap for ongoing development.

The new Claris Platform has been under development for several years now. It comprises Claris Pro/Claris Server (a re-branding of Claris FileMaker Pro/Server) as well as Claris Studio and Claris Connect. Claris Studio is a new web-based database authoring tool.

Claris Update Webinar from 1/25/23

CEO Brad Frietag talks about purpose and values at Claris

Brad Frietag, Chief Executive Officer of Claris, spoke first about Claris’ dedication to its developer community and to problem solvers utilizing Claris tools to solve real world problems. Brad spoke about the ‘innovator’s dilemma’ and the Claris commitment to assist developers in learning the new tools in the Claris Platform while maintaining the existing FileMaker environment. Claris will honor the decades that FileMaker developers have in learning the FileMaker platform as the Claris Platform is developed and deployed, and data will be accessible in both platforms.

(We’ll be talking about data integration between the two platforms during the next Claris Beyond Meetup coming up February 15).

A choice to use Claris Platform will continue to be a choice to use FileMaker. Claris Pro and Claris FileMaker Pro will be updated nearly concurrently into the foreseeable future.

Robert Holsey discusses Claris Platform and Claris Studio

Robert Holsey, Chief Product Owner, recapped the release of Claris Platform and how it is comprised of Claris Pro, Claris Connect, and Claris Studio.

A few of the areas of current and near term focus include…

  • Easier Linux deployment of Claris Server
  • Claris Cloud deployment
  • A new free tier soon to be deployed
  • Custom connectors in Claris Connect
  • Signature capture in Claris Studio
  • Automations and calculations

A particularly interesting new feature that Robert showed was the ability to show a Claris Studio view inside a web viewer in Claris Pro.

Robert finished up with a look at the upcoming custom connectors in Claris Connect. We’ll be looking at custom connectors in the Claris Beyond Meetup as soon as they are released. 

Gianine Campbell and the growth of the developer community

Marketing Manager, Gianine Campell, talked about Claris’ work in building the Claris developer community, especially the successful dev bootcamps through 42U, Qwasar, and Apple academies.

New opportunities for future Claris developers will be starting at Qwasar and Apple academies in the near future.

Claris will be working more closely with the Claris community to develop and highlight the great content available from not only Claris, but the larger community as a whole.

Event participation by Claris will continue and while no announcement about Claris Engage was made, Gianine did mention the Claris commitment to in-person events.


Peter Nelson, Vice President of Engineering, joined the webinar for the question and answer session near the end.

What does ‘data everywhere’ really mean? 

The data should exist wherever it needs to be accessed or can best be interacted with throughout the platform.

What can you tell us about licensing changes?

By the end of next month, pricing and licensing announcements will be forthcoming.

What can you say about Claris Platform availability in other markets?

Coming very soon!

Why should customers jump from the FileMaker platform to the new Claris platform?

The Claris Platform offers a better set of tools to solve a broader array of development challenges, for example, Claris Studio for simple web interfaces and Claris Connect for low code integrations.


We’ll be blogging about various topics mentioned above in the near future, including anonymous data gathering in Claris Studio, custom connectors in Claris Connect, and the soon-to-be-released free tier for Claris Platform.

Claris Platform Free version

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