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Whether you’re a seasoned developer or just getting started, the FileMaker DevCast will provide valuable insights and inspiration to help you take your development skills to the next level.

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The FileMaker DevCast, sponsored by Portage Bay Solutions, is the ultimate destination for developers looking to streamline their development process and rapidly deploy their solutions. Join our expert hosts and guest speakers as they delve into the latest techniques and tools for using Claris FileMaker’s low code platform to create custom, business-critical solutions with ease. Whether you’re a seasoned developer or just getting started, this podcast will provide valuable insights and inspiration to help you take your development skills to the next level.

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Episode 1 // OAuth 2.0: Understanding and Implementing the Industry Standard Security Protocol for Google APIs

Learn about the world of OAuth 2.0, the industry standard security protocol used for secure communication between different systems. In this FileMaker DevCast, we’ll discuss how OAuth 2.0 is used to talk to Google APIs and allow users to sign in using their Google credentials. We’ll also walk you through the setup process and provide tips on what to look out for to ensure a smooth and secure implementation. Whether you’re a seasoned developer or new to the field, this podcast is a must-listen for anyone looking to better understand OAuth 2.0 and its role in securing modern application development.

Episode 2 // Revolutionizing Claris FileMaker Development with ChatGPT: A Conversation with Experts

We explore how ChatGPT, a cutting-edge language model developed by OpenAI, is transforming the way Claris FileMaker developers approach their work. Chat GPT can be used to streamline development processes, improve productivity, and enhance the overall quality of Claris FileMaker solutions. We will look at some FileMaker scripts written by ChatGPT and see how good they really are.

Episode 3 // Skilled FileMaker Development: Expert Tips and Tricks for Success

Enjoy our expert tips and tricks and take your FileMaker development skills to the next level. We share our insights on using custom keyboard shortcuts, selection tools, fences, Visual Studio (VS) Code, and the MBS plug-in. These practical tips and tricks will help all levels of FileMaker developers work more efficiently, save time, and boost productivity. Tune in to discover how to streamline your workflow, enhance your coding capabilities, and get the most out of this powerful software tool.

Episode 4 // Filemaker 2023 Unveiled: Revolutionizing Database Design and Beyond!

This FileMaker DevCast showcases the new features of this game-changing release. Get an insider’s perspective through exclusive interviews with Rick Kalman, Director of Project Management at Claris, and Ronnie Rios, Product Owner for Claris Connect. Together, they unveil the innovative enhancements and breakthrough integrations that make FileMaker 2023 a truly transformative tool for businesses and individuals alike.

Episode 5 // REST Easy: Accomplishing API Integration with Postman

We take you behind the scenes to illustrate how Postman can streamline API integration. Tune in as we reveal key techniques, share invaluable tips, and demonstrate how to efficiently integrate Postman into your developer workflow.

Episode 6 // Masking Identities: Incorporating Data Depersonalization in FileMaker Pro

In today’s digital world, securing personal data has never been more critical. This episode of the FileMaker DevCast looks at the world of data depersonalization using FileMaker. We’ll unpack the steps to anonymize sensitive data, ensuring robust privacy protection without losing the ability to analyze and utilize information effectively.

Episode 7 // Unlocking Creativity with Claris Studio: The Future of App Development

Take a look with us at the capabilities of Claris Studio, the latest offering from Claris International. More than just a development tool, Claris Studio promises to redefine how we approach and appreciate app creation. We’ll be demonstrating some of its standout features live on the show. Witness firsthand the innovation and simplicity that Claris Studio brings to the table.

Episode 8 // Decoding Pinecone Summit: Generative AI, Vector Databases, and FileMaker Insights with Cris Ippolite

Join Portage Bay Solutions and Cris Ippolite, a renowned leader in the Claris FileMaker community, as they unpack the highlights from the Pinecone Summit held in San Francisco. Dive deep into the world of generative AI, explore the significance of vector databases, and understand their synergy with FileMaker. With over 800 global attendees, the summit was a melting pot of insights, innovations, and forward-thinking discussions. From the intricacies of AI hallucinations to the practical applications of coreML in FileMaker, this episode offers a comprehensive debrief of the event, shedding light on why generative AI is pivotal for FileMaker developers and the broader tech community.

Episode 9 // Unleashing the Power of JavaScript Within FileMaker

Listen to this FileMaker Devcast to learn more about the synergies of FileMaker and JavaScript. We’ll showcase the versatility and enhancements possible with the Carafe Kitchen tool, allowing for a seamless integration experience. Plus, witness the magic of integrating the Google Maps API, demonstrating functionalities in FileMaker that were once thought to be beyond reach. Tune in to discover how you can push the boundaries of what’s possible in FileMaker with a touch of JavaScript ingenuity!

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