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Pause & EngageU: A Wonderful Wrap-Up to 2023

A Wonderful Wrap-Up to 2023, with Two FileMaker Conferences

We wrapped up this last part of 2023 with participation in two wonderful Claris FileMaker conferences – Pause in Clayton, Georgia, and EngageU in Antwerp, Belgium. Now we are eagerly shifting our attention to February when our entire team will be at the Apple Campus in Austin for Claris Engage.

John, Joe, & Xandon Attended Pause in Clayton, Georgia, USA

John, Joe, & Xandon were able to attend Pause in October. Tune in to a recent FileMaker DevCast episode to hear about their experiences and the sessions that most intrigued them.

Kate Spoke at EngageU in Antwerp, Belgium

In November, Kate traveled to Antwerp, Belgium, to speak at the EngageU conference. She gave a session on a topic she’s particularly interested in – workflow automation – and was able to share insights and results from the survey that many of you filled out (Thank you!)

Kate will be speaking at another of the FileMaker conferences – Claris Engage – so if you didn’t catch the survey the first time around, please take a moment to participate now.

One of the conference sponsors was a Belgian chocolatier, who has provided chocolates for the President. As expected, they were delicious. 🙂

The conference dinner was held at the Antwerp Zoo, in the Marble Hall and the Winter Garden, which provided an exquisite dinner and location to mingle with fellow Claris aficionados.

Claris participated in the conference as well and shared their expertise and planning in several technical sessions. 

Meeting room with image of Mario Brothers characters displayed on a projector screen.

We’re All Headed to Claris Engage in Austin, Texas, USA

Now it’s time to move into 2024 and turn our attention to Claris Engage, the 25th live conference for FileMaker developers. Our entire team will be making the journey to Austin, Texas, and we are very much looking forward to the trip. Portage Bay has always been a remote-work company and so this event will be the first time that we all get to be together in person! 

Get On Our Development Schedule for 2024

With 2024 just around the bend, let’s get you into our schedule for the new year. Our team has experience across all areas of FileMaker and we’re ready to assist with anything you might need. Some ideas would be:

Send us a message below or schedule a call!

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