Google Maps App Release

It seemed like nothing could be more thrilling to iPhone users than the release of Google Maps new app for the iPhone Wednesday night. The app quickly shot to the top of the downloads in the app store. If you have held back from upgrading to iOS 6.0 because of Apple maps, now is the time to upgrade.

Besides having much more accurate directions and maps, some perks of the new app are:

  • Voice guided turn by turn navigation – just like Apple maps.
  • New Google Maps SDK allows developers to integrate with other apps.
  • Google has partnered with Yelp and Zagat so entering a business will now reveal more than just the location.
  • Detailed public transportation directions.

One of my personal grievances with Apple maps is that once you have begun the voice guided navigation, there’s no easy way to get a greater overview of the map. It keeps you only in the next hundred feet ahead unless you display the header area with the overview button. With the Google maps app, you can easily pause the directions by tapping inside the map to view any other part of the route. When you are ready to resume, simply hit the resume button.

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