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As of November 2022, the Internet Explorer browser is no longer supported by the Google Maps API. If you are using FileMaker 18 the Map Widget may not work correctly, as the FM18 web viewer on Windows uses IE. Upgrading to FileMaker 19 should solve this issue.

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Combine the power of Google’s mapping technology and your FileMaker solution with Portage Bay’s Map Widget. In a few easy steps, integrate Google Maps to display interactive location data utilizing Google’s Marker Clustering  function along with callbacks to FileMaker.

We released the Map Widget last year, but have just recently published a new overview video to provide an easier way to get an idea of how it works.

The Map Widget is a FileMaker add-on file that opens a Google map within a FileMaker card window and displays pins and clusters of your solution’s location data. Clicking on a pin will display FileMaker address information and a link to perform a call back to your system.

 Implementation is accomplished by simply copying two scripts and adjusting them for your system and data. Full Map Widget Documentation and installation instructions are readily available on our website. We also offer an Implementation Service if you would like assistance integrating the Map Widget into your solution.

 We have a new Portage Bay Map Widget video overviewing the main features and behind the scenes implementation process to help you see the widget in action.

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