NEW VIDEO! Using the Salesforce API in Claris FileMaker (Ann Kiser of SeedCode)

NEW VIDEO! Using The Salesforce API In Claris FileMaker (Ann Kiser Of SeedCode)

Salesforce with Ann Kiser

In April the Claris Beyond Meetup had the pleasure of hearing Ann Kiser, of SeedCode, discuss utilizing the Salesforce API for sending data to Claris FileMaker. Her basic introduction was quite valuable – how to activate the API, what settings are required, and the types of calls the API is expecting.

Ann also provided an overview of the Salesforce training system, Trailhead, and reviewed how you can increase your knowledge, vocabulary, and understanding of Salesforce (for FREE!) prior to talking to potential customers.

→ Would you like an unlocked example file from the presentation?
Head over to Ann’s blog post about the meeting and download the file there.

Visualization of using Trailhead training with Slack or mobile

Learn about Salesforce and more in the Claris Beyond YouTube channel

Enjoy the full presentation in the Claris Beyond YouTube channel.

Discover the world of integrations

The Claris Beyond Meetup has its own YouTube channel and more videos will be posted there as each meeting takes place. We also have a Portage Bay channel where you can explore connectors for Claris Connect as well as other Claris FileMaker topics. Subscribe to each and further your knowledge of how to expand the capabilities of the FileMaker platform.

Join the Claris Beyond Meetup

The Claris Beyond group is open to all experience levels and we encourage people to bring questions, problems, and share innovative solutions. Our user group’s specific focus will be on topics related to external integrations with FileMaker, such as Claris Connect, REST API integration, or integration via a third-party tool or application.

We meet through Zoom on the third Wednesday of each month, for an hour to an hour and a half, starting at 12pm Pacific (2pm CT / 3pm ET). Meetings are a mixture of leader-led discussions, group Q&A, and guest speaker presentations.

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How have you used Salesforce in your development work? Are you earning badges through Trailhead? Comment on this post or send us a message below.

Can we assist with a Salesforce integration with your Claris FileMaker database? Send us your details. We’d love to help. You can also schedule a call through Calendly.

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