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FileMaker 16 Product Line Technical Brief

May 2017

Keeping up to date on software updates helps to ensure your data is safe. FileMaker 13 and earlier versions are no longer supported and that means there will be no updates or patches provided by FileMaker. Upgrading to FileMaker 16 gives you access to the newest features and helps to keep your database stable and your data protected. If your FileMaker licenses are under maintenance, you are entitled to the FileMaker 16 update at no additional charge.

FileMaker Pro

FileMaker 16 - the FileMaker 16 platform was released in May of 2017, delivering a new set of developer tools and enhancements for user interface, security, and integration. From some perspectives, FileMaker 16 is the most significant FileMaker release in quite awhile. We have developed a list of the most useful tools and enhancements (in our opinion) below. Click here for system requirements.

A free 30 day trial version of FileMaker 16 is available here.

FileMaker Server

iOS Enhancements include enhanced signature capture, geographic region monitoring, and custom paper sizes. New animations make it possible to give your iOS app a more polished feel. FileMaker Go System Requirements

FileMaker Go

WebDirect (a feature of FileMaker Server) has seen significant performance improvements with the ability now to have multiple computers acting as servers. With multiple ‘worker’ servers, it is now possible to serve up to 500 simultaneous web sessions.

One of the most important features in FileMaker 16 (for some applications anyway) will be the introduction of PDF generation from WebDirect and server side scripts. For web applications that need to generate high fidelity printed documents, this is a critical feature. See our demo file on using Save as PDF in WebDirect 16.

FileMaker Pro The development environment in FileMaker 16 has received a lot of attention and the new Layout Objects Window will benefit all FileMaker developers. This new feature of the Layout editing environment allows you to hide and show objects by type and move objects up and down through layers, greatly simplifying work on complex layouts.

Card windows are a new window type that will allow developers to display data from different contexts on the screen at the same time and aid in developing modular applications.

Microsoft Windows users are going to really like the new, more modern behavior of windows in FileMaker 16, especially when working with multiple monitors.

For many developers, the most exciting new features of FileMaker 16's development environment are the addition of JSON support and the REST integration for FileMaker Server (FileMaker Server Data API). JSON and cURL support will allow developers to more easily integrate with the huge array of data services on the internet, like Google Maps, Weather Underground, and Salesforce.com. The REST interface for FileMaker Server will enable 3rd parties (like Tableau) to connect to FileMaker Server securely and in an industry standard protocol.

This is a brief overview of FileMaker 16 new features and is not exhaustive. Click here for more details regarding new script steps, Oauth support, and more. The official FileMaker 16 help page for new features can be found here.


Archived FileMaker 15 technical brief