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FileMaker 15 Product Line Technical Brief

May 2016

Keeping up to date on software updates helps to ensure your data is safe. FileMaker 13 and earlier versions are no longer supported and that means there will be no updates or patches provided by FileMaker. Upgrading to FileMaker 15 gives you access to the newest features and helps to keep your database stable and your data protected. If your FileMaker licenses are under maintenance, you are entitled to the FileMaker 15 update at no additional charge.

FileMaker Pro

FileMaker 15 - the FileMaker 15 platform was released in May of 2016, delivering a new set of developer tools and enhancements for user interface, security, and performance. We have developed a list of the most useful tools and enhancements (in our opinion) below. Click here for system requirements.

FileMaker Server

FileMaker Cloud is a promising new product offering that combines the power of FileMaker and the reliability of Amazon Web Services for hosting. With FileMaker Cloud, a FileMaker database can be hosted in the cloud in as little as 20 to 30 minutes.

FileMaker Go

iOS Enhancements include Touch ID support, 3D Touch support, and support for iBeacons. FileMaker Go System Requirements

WebDirect is improved with performance enhancements and full support for Mobile clients (mobile Safari and Chrome).

Script Editor enhancements include error highlighting in the script workspace and unlimited undos.

Security is tightened up with the addition of a new feature for hidden passwords and a number of SSL enhancements.

Performance is perhaps the number one new feature in my opinion in FM15 and FMS15. The re-connect to server feature really saves time by helping to reduce the number of times you have to reconnect to the server due to your computer going to sleep or internet disruptions. The new ‘top calls’ log give you a much greater level of control over diagnosing server performance bottlenecks.

More details on what’s new in FileMaker 15