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FileMaker 17 Product Line Technical Brief

May 2018

Keeping up to date on software updates helps to ensure your data is safe and secure. FileMaker 13 and earlier versions are no longer supported and that means there will be no updates or patches provided by FileMaker. FileMaker 14 is scheduled for official product end of life in September of 2018. Upgrading to FileMaker 17 gives you access to the newest features and helps to keep your database stable and your data protected. If your FileMaker licenses are under maintenance or you have an annual license, you are entitled to the FileMaker 17 update at no additional charge.

FileMaker 17 - with the release of FileMaker 17, FileMaker has moved further towards FileMaker as a platform rather than a particular software product. FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Pro Advanced have been merged into one application and the licensing model now licenses the user for the entire platform (FileMaker Pro, Server, Go, and Webdirect), rather than particular products. We have developed a list of the most useful tools and enhancements (in our opinion) below, but this list is not exhaustive. The official FileMaker 17 help page includes a complete list of new features.


FileMaker Pro New Features

  • Our video blog demonstrates these new features in action.

  • Master-detail interface - New portal functionality allows you to create master-detail layouts more easily than in the past, simplifying the database schema and making the user interface more responsive.

  • Add tables more easily - New predefined tables can be added to your database with fields and relationships defined for you on the fly. Even experienced developers will likely find this new feature a time save.

  • Multiple email attachments - The Send Mail script step now supports sending multiple attachments instead of just one.

  • Working with grouped objects - Individual elements of grouped objects can now have their attributes edited, saving a great deal of time from previous versions where the elements had to be ungrouped to make changes.

FileMaker Go (iPhone, iPad)

  • FileMaker Go now has access to a much greater array of sensor data from the device, allowing you to capture health information, environmental data, accelerometer data, etc…

  • Access to local notifications allows FileMaker Go to display alerts to the user even when FileMaker Go is not the foreground application.

  • Photos can now be dragged and dropped into FileMaker Go.

  • Type ahead of value lists is now supported, speeding data entry.

FileMaker Server

  • The new FileMaker Server administrative console has been completely re-designed to modernize the user interface and make it more powerful and easier to use.

Data Migration Tool

  • The new FileMaker data migration tool promises to greatly speed the process of migrating a FileMaker app from a development server to a production server. At Portage Bay, we’re particularly excited about this new tool.

  • Also check out our video blog on new Developer Features for FileMaker Pro.

Archived FileMaker 16 technical brief