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FileMaker Data API

FileMaker is an excellent choice for solving business automation problems, automating processes, etc. It provides you with a uniquely powerful tool for rapidly developing workplace innovation solutions. Sometimes though, you need a traditional web application component for your FileMaker solution. Enter the FileMaker Data API, a RESTful interface to your FileMaker data.

The Data API introduced in FileMaker 16 provides powerful, low level, access to your FileMaker data from the most popular web development tools used on the Internet today.

Utilizing Node.js, Angular 6, and a host of other common web tools, Portage Bay Solutions can build web access into your application that can be used by anyone in the world to interact with your solution from any web browser.

A web application developed using the FileMaker Data API is a fast, easy to use web experience that does not require your web users to now anything at all about FileMaker.

Portage Bay has developed a suite of modular tools to speed development of Data API driven web applications.

What about WebDirect?

FileMaker WebDirect

While FileMaker WebDirect can provide a very low cost development environment for providing access to your application to team members using a web browser, it may not always be the ideal choice for developing public facing web applications.

WebDirect is very well suited to applications where the users of the application are known and will gain familiarity with your app. The Data API allows you to create a more familiar web experience for your intended audience.

In addition, there are cases where the licensing scenario favors the FileMaker Data API in creating a cost effective solution.

If WebDirect looks like the right choice for your project, we will be the first to recommend it.

FileMaker Data API Scenarios

FileMaker applications we are working with where FileMaker Data API development is in process or proposed.

Financial Reporting Application

This solution incorporates a sophisticated FileMaker Pro administering backend with an easy to use FM Data API web interface for end users to enter financial data for reporting purposes. The FM administrative portion was developed quickly and at low cost. The web application allows approximately 200 customers to login as needed for data entry and report analysis from any web browser. They experience a ‘standard’ web application and don’t even know FileMaker is involved.

Payment Processing Solution

Our client needed a simple and secure way for a customer to login and pay an invoice. The application did not need to be very sophisticated or complex. A combination of the Data API and a payment processing plugin on the server side provides a good solution.

Event Registration

The scenario involves a complex event management application written in FileMaker, where the client wants their customer to be able to register themselves for an event. The Data API allows a web application to be developed that walks the customer through the registration process from their web browser.

Collecting data can be cumbersome. All three of these scenarios allow end users to directly enter their own data, improving accuracy and reducing costs.

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