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Mobile App Development

We specialize in designing and deploying professional mobile apps.


What’s the most efficient way to deploy, update and release your iOS application to the iPhone/iPad? Utilize the FileMaker iOS SDK as your iOS development platform.

There are a variety of different programming environments one can use to write a custom iOS app. When choosing between Objective-C, Swift or HTML5, FileMaker is the obvious choice if you want the fastest and most efficient approach to developing and deploying your app.

The combination of FileMaker and the iOS SDK allows us to get your app developed, tested, and deployed quicker than any other development environment.

Prototyping is particularly impressive as we can have an app running within FileMaker Go for preview and testing in as little as a few days (utilizing FileMaker Go allows us to bypass any deployment processes and iterate much more quickly).

With FileMaker integration capabilities, your iOS app can act as a front end for data stored in a variety of other systems like SalesForce, Dynamics, or Zoho.

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Like any iOS application, your app can be managed via your preferred mobile device management system, whether you deploy it under FileMaker Go or as a standalone iOS app.

Easy Installation and Updates

Utilizing ‘in app’ update technology that we have developed, we can deploy new versions of the application to your users on an as needed basis with little or no involvement from your users.

Local, Server Based, or Syncing Solutions

Using FileMaker as our development platform for iOS apps allows us to easily choose between several options for managing the data in the application. We can create an app whose data is entirely resident on the local device, completely server based, or that periodically synchronizes to the server. Sometimes there is a need to have the database remain local on the iOS device so that the user is able to use it without access to the internet. In this case a syncing process to push and pull that data from the server to the local app can be developed.

FileMaker Go App for the iOS

Not sure you need a full fledged iOS app? FileMaker Go, an iOS app from FileMaker Inc., allows your application to be deployed to the iPhone or iPad without requiring the app store approval process. The file will run using the FileMaker Go app on your iOS device. For many applications this is the most efficient approach.

Mobile Web Apps - An Alternative Solution

With a mobile web app, you can leave behind the entire deployment process, whether involving the app store or not, there’s no need to install software on your device and changes made to your solution appear instantaneously on your device. We can build a solution using FileMaker WebDirect or the FileMaker Data API that will allow your application to be accessed via a web page on any mobile platform, including iOS, Android, and Kindle Fire.

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