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JavaScript & FileMaker

FileMaker is a powerful and rapid application development tool, but like any tool, it is really good at some things and less well suited for others.

Fortunately, FileMaker gives us a number of tools for extending its capabilities. The ability to use third party plugins (360Works, MonkeyBread, etc.) is a good example, but we’ve also found JavaScript to be a very useful tool for broadening FileMaker’s capabilities in many areas.

With the webviewer object in FileMaker, we have the extremely flexible option of using Javascript to extend a given database's capabilities and functionality.

JavaScript is the most commonly used programming language to power dynamic web pages. It has a large developer community creating JavaScript libraries, available as open source tools, for various purposes.  Many of these can be incorporated into the design of a FileMaker database.

In one recent example, Xandon used JavaScript to incorporate clustering and color-coding into a Google map for a client. In another example, Joe used HTML and CSS to add hashtags to a Pearl Jam inventory database.

We can greatly expand the functionality of a database (as well as the cool factor) with the use of JavaScript, PHP, and other tools.