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A Case Management and Billing System for Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors.


What is VIMS©?

VIMS is a case management, firm management, and billing system specifically designed for vocational counseling firms. It is equally well suited to L&I and third-party cases. We have designed it as a tool that both counselors and owners value and find easy to use.

New in our latest release:

  • The ability for counselors and supervisors to view estimated CACO information before case closure, both on the screen and in printed reports.

  • Case note spell checking.

By providing counselors with a single point of entry for case notes, billable time, and unbillable time, you can create case notes that accurately reflect the amount of time actually spent on a case.

Who Benefits from VIMS?

  • Counselors value how it allows for easier tracking of vital case information, stores case notes, and automatically generates timesheets for both billable and non-billable time.

  • Owners and managers value the ability to quickly view billings, receipts, and counselor productivity.

  • Clients value the enhanced accuracy and consistency of case data.

Please give us a call to arrange a demonstration or if you would like a packet of sample reports and other information mailed to you.