5 Ways to Maximize the Free Tier of Claris Connect

5 Ways To Maximize The Free Tier Of Claris Connect

A lot of changes have been happening recently at Claris. One of the most exciting is the new Claris Connect free tier. This is the first time Claris has released a free version of this useful tool. If you aren’t familiar with Claris Connect, it’s a web-based automation tool that can help your users interact with needed data more efficiently.

We’ve written a lot about Claris Connect, and the benefits of workflow automation. This post provides you with simple ways to use this new free tier to automate common business workflows.


The new free tier allows up to 500 actions per month, which is a pretty decent number. You may consider using the free tier for workflows that may not happen exceedingly often.

I’m excited to share with you five ways to maximize the free tier, but keep in mind that this list is in no way exhaustive. There are just as many ways to automate with Claris Connect as there are unique business workflows out there.

Screenshot of flows used in WordPress integration

1. Push blog posts to WordPress via FileMaker

Do you currently or have you considered using FileMaker as a content management system (CMS), as the holding place for your blog creation? If you are using WordPress for your website, you can add Claris Connect to write a simple flow to automate pushing blog content from FileMaker directly to WordPress.

This integration removes the manual work of copying and pasting and manually setting up the blog post via WordPress, as well as streamlines and reduces error in updating the status in the FileMaker record.

Example of pushing WordPress blog posts to FileMaker

2. Request approval by email

It’s common for different types of approval requests to take place in business environments, such as requests for vacation, or approval of applications, contracts, and projects.

This workflow allows members of an organization to ensure the approval alerts are sent promptly and requires the approver to interact with the email to ensure it’s approved. This feature is built in to Claris Connect and is a very simple flow to build.

Project requests and approvals template built in to Claris Connect

3. Get alerts in Slack when Zoom meetings are scheduled

In today’s business environment, many people are using Slack and Zoom on a daily basis. Sometimes it’s important to be reminded of things, and Slack is especially useful for this purpose. With Claris Connect, we can program Slack alerts very easily.

We can also trigger flows when Zoom meetings are started, scheduled, recordings are complete or new registrations are received. I can think of a number of different possibilities of how this flow can help streamline communication and ensure nothing slips through the cracks.

Using Claris Connect with Zoom and Slack

4. Sync contacts between Mailchimp and FileMaker

Mailchimp is a great CRM tool, used to manage contacts, create landing pages, and send email campaigns. But if you use your FileMaker database to manage your contacts as well, having the two out of sync can be a pain. With Claris Connect, your contacts can easily be kept in sync, and you can even create rules to tag members in Mailchimp to segment them in beneficial ways. 

GIF of MailChimp Shopify integration with Claris Connect

5. Sync contacts between HubSpot and FileMaker

Hubspot is another powerful tool, used for sales, marketing and content management. If you are using HubSpot and FileMaker to manage your sales process, consider syncing your contacts in each system to ensure synchronicity in your sales flow.

HubSpot contacts panel


As with any of these flows, we are not limited to just two steps. We can add and connect a variety of steps to custom apps in a large fashion of ways. The only limit is your imagination. Below are some more examples of common workflows.

Google Calendar > SMS > FileMaker

In this flow, Claris Connect automates appointment scheduling and confirmation using Google calendar and SMS.

Claris Connect Flow using Google Calendar and Twilio

Mailchimp > QuickBooks > FileMaker

Event registration workflows can add customers to your Mailchimp list, generate invoices in QuickBooks, and email confirmations.

Claris Connect Flow Event to MailChimp to QuickBooks to Outlook

Shopify > UPS > FileMaker > Slack

An automated workflow for order processing and shipment using Shopify, UPS and Slack.

Claris Connect Flow using Shopify UPS and Slack


There are limitless ways to tie apps together via Claris Connect. Claris is adding new connectors to the list on an ongoing basis and even creating a way for us to create our own custom connectors.

These developments make for a very exciting area in API integrations, which you may want to take advantage of in your FileMaker solution.

Listing of apps in Claris Connect Directory


  1. Start here – https://store.claris.com/claris-connect/free
  2. Complete your pertinent information
  3. Then you will be prompted to create a Claris ID, which is similar to an Apple ID and is your key to accessing all things Claris. You will use your ID to access Claris Connect, FileMaker Cloud, and Claris FileMaker licensing. If you already have a Claris ID, sign in with it there.
Fields for creating your Claris ID

4. Check your inbox for your welcome email to sign in to Claris Connect.

Welcome message within Claris Connect

5. Open up Claris Connect to create a new project.

Screenshot of the Create New button in Claris Connect

6. Click Create Flow to start adding the steps you need for your business flow!

Blank screen ready for creating a new Claris Connect flow

Beyond these steps, you will start adding the specific triggers and actions, which will come from the list of available connectors. We are always available to support your company by assisting with writing Claris Connect flows, troubleshooting issues, or advising on your custom API integration. Feel free to reach out using the form below.


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Also check out our YouTube playlist, which has a series of videos demonstrating many more of the built-in connectors available with Claris Connect, including things like Google Maps, Mailgun, DocuSign, Twilio, and Stripe. 

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