Announcing FileMaker 2023 And A Free Tier For Claris Connect

Announcing FileMaker 2023 And A Free Tier For Claris Connect

Today’s the day! FileMaker 2023 is here!

Today’s the day! Word is spreading that Claris has just released FileMaker 2023. It’s big news, and we are excited to tell you all about it. We were honored to have Claris representatives join us just five days ago as the very first guests on our podcast, the FileMaker DevCast: Everything FileMaker. Listen on PodBean or Apple Podcasts. We think you’ll find the conversation engaging and informative.

We talked with Rick Kalman, Director of Product Management, and Ronnie Rios, Product Owner for Claris Connect. They answered a lot of questions and gave us great insight on what’s been happening behind the scenes and about the continued expansion and modernization of the FileMaker and Claris platforms.

We covered the launch of FileMaker 2023, with the free Claris Connect tier, andother aspects such as OAuth 2.0, updated audit logging, FileMaker Go, internal version numbering, the Set Error logging script step, Docker, and the future of WebDirect as Claris Studio evolves. Thank you, Rick and Ronnie! Our developers appreciated your input, and you are welcome back anytime. 

Screenshot from the DevCast recording, showing attendees from Claris and Portage Bay Solutions

What is FileMaker 2023?

It’s the newest version of the Claris FileMaker platform.

“Building on the success of the Claris FileMaker 19 open platform, FileMaker 2023 allows you to create the most robust and secure operational apps faster than ever before. This latest version of FileMaker focuses on supporting the scale modern businesses require to stay competitive.

— Claris International

Claris continues, “With FileMaker 2023, you can trigger a Claris Connect flow with a simple script step, so it’s easier than ever to integrate your custom apps with all the other apps your business relies on every day. You’ll have the ability to automate workflows that eliminate manual tasks and dramatically increase productivity.  

Take advantage of the free tier of Claris Connect

Claris Connect will be available with a free plan, so you can jump right in to connecting your FileMaker apps to your other apps like Slack, Twilio, Outlook, and a LOT more.

Graphic illustration of how FileMaker 2023 can integrate with Slack, Twilio, and Outlook

Insights into the improvements with FileMaker 2023, from Rick Kalman

Upgrading to FileMaker 2023 automatically delivers significant security, performance, and availability improvements. During our podcast Rick provided a wealth of information about how this change will benefit you and your clients. 

Headshot of Rick Kalman, Director of Product Management for Claris International

→ Why change the product name and numbering from FileMaker 19.x to FileMaker 2023? 

Rick shared, “In May we will have been on the FileMaker19 set of releases for three years. And in that time, we’ve had significant enhancements to the platform. One of the things that we began to understand is, people are used to us advancing the product by whole numbers and not to stay on what I call the 19-dot-x timeframe. And so may not have been aware that we’ve been advancing the product that entire time. So because we don’t do annual monolithic releases anymore – we do, on average, about three or four releases a year – we decided it made more sense to move to a naming convention where it’s the year or the season of when the software is applicable.”

This perspective reflects the sentiment shared by Claris in yesterday’s company announcement, “Referencing current FileMaker versions by release year will naturally represent the ongoing iterations of the FileMaker platform. The release year numbering pattern also makes it abundantly obvious to users that they have the current FileMaker version, with the latest features and the best performance, security, and reliability.”

→ Who is the primary focus or audience for this release?

Rick explained, “Sometimes we put features in for the citizen developers and ease of use. But this release is squarely focused on the professional developer, and also there’s some significant stuff for server administrators.

My definition of a professional developer is someone that makes their living, or a significant portion of their living, creating and supporting FileMaker applications. These days, a lot of consultants do more than just FileMaker and they have other other tools in their toolbox, but at least someone who is making their living off of that. Someone who knows the platform, is familiar with it, and is looking to to do more with it.”

→ What is the relationship between FileMaker 2023 and the Claris platform?

Rick provided more detail about how he sees the platform working together. “The Claris platform is built on top of the FileMaker platform and all of its mature capabilities. So within the Claris platform, there’s something called Claris Pro. That is FileMaker Pro, full stop. And then it has some additional capabilities that it needs, to be able to talk to the Claris platform. The Claris platform is everything you’ve come to know in the FileMaker platform, all of the parts of it, and then with the addition of Claris Connect and the introduction of Claris studio.

Claris Studio is a modern web-based app experience and allows you to really easily deploy web forms and other web applications. And it’s got a two-way communication ability between Claris Pro and the Claris Studio data. Claris Studio is sitting on top of a Mongo data stack and of course FileMaker uses Draco, and so the differences are fundamentally the ability to be aware and intercommunicate into that platform. So I would say it’s the FileMaker platform with the addition of Connect, and the enhancement in the availability of a much more modern web stack.”

Graphic of a blueprint with many elements and components

Top features and improvements in FileMaker 2023

Listen to the FileMaker DevCast to hear Rick share about some of his favorite new features of FileMaker 2023. There was only time to touch on a few of them, so you can also review this more extensive list below. 

    • Up to 1000 WebDirect users via enhanced load balancing enabled with Linux Server Nginx
    • 265 files per server (up from 125)

*Connections are limited by hardware, custom app design, active users, operating system, or license agreement/subscription. 

    • Open SSL 3.0
    • Send Mail with OAuth 2.0 authentication
    • New server side audit logging capabilities in FM 2023
    • FileMaker Server enable Script Error Logging
    • Update to Java 17
    • Update to Vaadin 8.18.0
    • Ability to address ghost memory from disconnected users
    • Performance and scrolling of lists
    • Optimization of CSS generation
    • Ubuntu 22 LTS on Intel and now ARM processors (including better Docker support)
    • Ubuntu Admin Console can now enter a URL for Nginx load balancer
    • Server Admin Console and DAPI upgrade to Node.js 18
    • Ability to capture script errors in a separate log
    • Notification when a Server-side script finishes running on Server
    • Admin Console provides notification when consistency check fails on a DB backup
    • Windows Server configuration now saved when uninstalling, user can chose to apply settings to new Server installation 
    • Free tier of Connect access
    • New Connect script step in FMP —used by all clients
    • OData 4.01 update —supports query option to determine if schema has changed; supports PUT/POST/PATCH/DELETE operations
      • SchemaVersion now included in the $metadata response. The $schemaversion query option can now be used to determine whether schema has changed, since a request for a non-current schema version will be rejected
    • ReadQRCode function now available on FMP for Win as well as FMS on Win & Ubuntu
    • cURL now supports SFTP
    • Send mail via FMP can now use OAuth 2.0 with Microsoft 365 Business or Google Workspace subscriptions
    • Supports all applicable enhancements to FMP
    • Pasting PDFs into a Container is now supported
    • macOS Ventura
    • Apple Silicon (M1/M2)
    • Windows Server 2022
    • Linux Ubuntu 22 LTS
  • Addressed hundreds of customer-impacting bugs
    • From FileMaker 19.6 to FileMaker 2023, over 500 bugs are now fixed. 

And we also get Claris Connect for free?

Headshot of Ronnie Rios, Product Owner for Claris

Yes! Ronnie Rios covered the aspects of Claris Connect during the DevCast. You can jump right in and use any of the connectors from the Claris Connect App Directory. It’s easier than ever to simplify and automate so many things for your clients, with just a little bit of setup.

→ Tell me more about the Claris Connect free tier. How is it different from a paid plan?

Ronnie explained, “From a capability standpoint, nothing. You’re going to get everything that is included in Claris Connect. There is no limitation there. Where there’s going to be a difference is in how many calls you can execute within a timeframe. For the free tier, we’re going to be limiting it to 500 steps a month, which would be great for most new use cases – to get you up and running, to learn the platform. If you outpace that then you have plans where you can continuously grow. 

Because the Claris platform includes Connect, it includes Studio as well as, as the FileMaker platform is rebranded as the Claris platform. And so not only are we going to make Connect available, but we’re also introducing a new script step in FileMaker that allows you to trigger a Connect flow via script steps. We’re beginning to bring those products together, more closely and completely, into the Claris platform. You’ll see more and more features on one side being powered by the other.” 

→ How does the new Trigger Claris Connect Flow script step work?

Ronnie outlined some elements of the new script step. He said when talking to customers about the biggest pain points in using Claris Connect with FileMaker, the feedback was about getting a flow going – the amount of steps and the back-and-forth required. So this script step starts to reduce the work needed to set things up and get up and running. 

  • FileMaker will automatically check your clipboard for your unique Claris Connect URL, then will paste it for you.
  • JSON parameters are already built-in. You’ll be able to store the output of the flow data wherever you want – into a field, or into a variable of your choice.
  • This first iteration will copy/paste but Claris is looking to a future where things automatically talk to each other. Perhaps you’ll see a list of all of your flows and just point and click directly from FileMaker, without needing to go to Claris Connect.

The flow trigger in Claris Connect remains the same. But now there is a new script step in FileMaker 2023. It will work with the script trigger from the FileMaker server connectors. But it will also work with existing web hooks from the HTTP utility, or both. 

FileMaker is built for your success. 

Claris continues to reiterate their commitment to the FileMaker platform, while also developing the exciting potential of Claris Pro and Claris Studio. Are they satisfied with stale and stodgy? No way. 

“Thousands of businesses run their operations with FileMaker apps at the core of their tech stack — some for decades — and over 50,000 developers build apps on the FileMaker platform. Claris Partners lead the way in delivering value to our customers. We believe getting our customers to the most performant, stable, and reliable version of the FileMaker platform benefits us all. Let’s look forward to working together to promote and deploy FileMaker 2023.

— Claris International

Video link to case study about Q Foundation using FileMaker to deliver social services

How do I get FileMaker 2023?

This release is included for anyone who has current annual licensing. Check your license link, or contact your licensing representative. 

Ready to bring your solution into 2023? 

Thumbnail for Part 3 of the Digital Transformation blog post series - Real World Advice for Implementing a Custom Software Project

We’re pretty jazzed about the improvements that this new version brings and we’re glad to work with such a powerful and stable solution. If you are a Claris FileMaker developer, leave us a comment about how FileMaker 2023 will impact your processes and approaches. 

Are you a business owner or manager who would like to modernize and enhance elements of your existing solution? Or are you ready to move beyond Excel spreadsheets and your burgeoning collection of notes and documents and into the world of FileMaker 2023?

We’re experts at making that happen and in bringing your ideas to life. 

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