Download a Free Tool to Help Guide You Through Your Transformation (Part 4 of 4)

Welcome to the fourth part of this summer’s blog series about Harnessing the Power of Digital Transformation. This post offers real-world advice on implementing a successful custom software project. In case you missed it, you can read parts one, two and three of the series here:


The free tool to help visualize your own process is available now as a download below. It is built as a guide that will take you through the steps of analyzing your business goals, seeing examples of digital tools to help with that goal, and choosing relevant KPIs to measure your success. You may also use this tool for an informational purpose as it has a lot of the details from Post 2 (plus more). It was built using Claris FileMaker 19, in under 15 hours, and also serves as an example of the types of rapid solutions and thorough abilities at which FileMaker excels.


The rewards of completing a successful digital transformation will be great, but many companies decide not to take the steps, fearing the process will be long, complex, and expensive. It is a commitment. It is an investment. But embarking on this road ahead of the curve, with thought and intention, can strengthen and steady your business and put you in a position to lead and guide instead of having to react, play catch up, or put out continual fires.      

As businesses in this modern work, we must stay relevant with competitors. If we don’t keep moving forward, think about what will happen. The saying goes, “If we are coasting, we are going downhill.” This lesson is relevant for every business out there and I hope these articles have helped inspire you to consider digital transformation and what it means for your business.

Careful ROI calculations are not something every custom development project goes through – many small business decision-makers know at a gut level what they need. But by taking the time to  consider ROI, we are not simply justifying our investments but are also unlocking the next door to keeping our business ahead of the pack. The digital transformation tool available in this article will help walk you through those important questions and considerations.


Perhaps not so surprisingly, with the rate of rapid change in technology, Claris has released a new version of their product, called Claris Studio. This tool opens new doors for more easily creating accessibility to your data and creating customized dashboards. If you are interested in learning more about Claris Studio, or upgrading to Claris Studio, please contact us below.


Also in alignment with this topic, Claris recently led an executive panel discussion called, “Business leader roundtable: Making technology decisions that lead to competitive advantage.” This roundtable discussion is another place to hear excellent case studies and get inspiration about the power of digital transformation.


Thank you very much for sticking with me this summer, and into fall, as we’ve explored the power of digital transformation and discovered some useful tools. I’m really excited to connect with anyone who is reading this article and would like to talk more about this business-critical topic. Your feedback on the tool is also greatly appreciated, so please don’t hesitate to reach out.

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