NEW VIDEO! All The JS We Can Do In FileMaker, with Jeremy Brown of Integrating Magic


The Claris Beyond Meetup had the pleasure of hearing Jeremy Brown, of Integrating Magic, share about discovering all the JS that we can do in FileMaker. There’s a lot of JavaScript we can do in Claris FileMaker Pro. Put another (and more appealing way) there are many more tools available to a FileMaker developer to solve clients’ problems in their apps. It’s worth exploring all that we can do in JavaScript to be ready when the time comes to implement the language in a client app.

Listen to Jeremy walk us through all the possibilities JavaScript gives the FileMaker developer. Along this journey, he will show (1) different integrations that show data rendered in interactive ways, (2) uses where JavaScript becomes the calculation engine, and (3) the complete connection of FileMaker and the JS in the web viewer. He promises not to overwhelm but also to show how, with modern tools at our fingertips and our knowledge of our platform, any FileMaker developer can code efficiently and make some tremendous JavaScript solutions for the use cases we encounter.


Are you a developer ready for some JavaScript training? Schedule time with Jeremy at JS in FM.

Would you like some assistance integrating JavaScript into your database, or would you like to see how JavaScript can help streamline workflows for you and your staff? Schedule a complimentary 15-minute consultation with us so we can share options and possibilities. With more than thirty years of custom application development experience, for companies of all sizes, we know the in’s and out’s of FileMaker and how to make it sing!


The Claris Beyond Meetup has its own YouTube channel and more videos will be posted there as each meeting takes place. We also have a Portage Bay channel where you can explore connectors for Claris Connect as well as other Claris FileMaker topics. Subscribe to each and further your knowledge of how to expand the capabilities of the FileMaker platform.


The Claris Beyond group is open to all experience levels and we encourage people to bring questions, problems, and share innovative solutions. Our user group’s specific focus will be on topics related to external integrations with FileMaker, such as Claris Connect, REST API integration, or integration via a third-party tool or application.

We meet through Zoom on the third Wednesday of each month, for an hour to an hour and a half, starting at 12pm Pacific (2pm CT / 3pm ET). Meetings are a mixture of leader-led discussions, group Q&A, and guest speaker presentations.

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