Claris Engage Recap + DevCast with Special Guest, Clay Maeckel

Group photo of the Portage Bay Solutions team at Claris Engage 2024
During the Claris Engage conference in February, Clay Maeckel, Chief Software Architect at Claris, graciously shared some of his time with us as a guest on our podcast, for Episode 13 the FileMaker DevCast. In the first part of the podcast, our citizen developer host, Dan Smiley, and Clay discuss a variety of areas. Then the podcast wraps up with our team sharing post-conference takeaways, insights, and favorite moments.  Read more
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FFmpeg, Part 4: Successes Found and Important Lessons Learned

Thumbnail depicting FFmpeg logo and wording about the article being part 4 of 4
We wrap up this series with Part 4, where we review the lessons learned during our successful FFmpeg integration with FileMaker, using the Vapix API. Read more
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FFmpeg, Part 3: Handling the MP4 Conversion and Video Manipulation

FFmpeg logo with description of Part 3 of series, handling the MP4 conversion and video manipulation
In the previous blog post in this series, we explained the process of streaming video and audio from surveillance cameras via FileMaker. In this post, we’ll cover the steps we took using FFmpeg to convert the downloaded video files and merge them into a single file. Read more
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FFmpeg, Part 2: Streaming Both Audio and Video from Select Cameras

Part 2 of FFmpeg series for live video and audio capture in Claris FileMaker
In our first blog post in this series, we provided some detail about how we integrated FFmpeg into a custom Claris FileMaker solution. This article discusses the next step in that solution - streaming the audio and video from the cameras after starting a recording. Read more
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FFmpeg, Part 1: Capturing Live Video and Audio in FileMaker

Part 1 of FFmpeg series for live video and audio capture in Claris FileMaker
This year, we’ve been able to delve into a fascinating tool that we have not had the opportunity to use before - FFmpeg, an open-source command line tool for capturing and managing video within Claris FileMaker. Read more
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NEW VIDEO! Think Inside the WebViewer

JavaScript & the WebViewer, with Jeremy Brown of Integrating Magic

In July the Claris Beyond Meetup welcomed back Jeremy Brown, of Integrating Magic, for further discussion about using JavaScript with FileMaker. By turning our attention to that Read more

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