Create Your Own Devcon!

Late last month, 1,600 FileMaker developers descended on Phoenix for the annual FileMaker developers conference, this year held at the Marriott Desert Springs Resort. I understand attendance was up by about 300 people this year and the hotel ran out of rooms a couple of months ago.

Hopefully, the influx of new people was due to excitement over the FileMaker platform!  In addition, the format of the conference was modified a bit this year. The overall conference is still close to a week, but the main conference was only two days this year with the first and last days being for training and FileMaker Business Alliance sessions. The shorter length was paired with a lower price and this probably also contributed to higher attendance.

As would be expected, the session content focused a great deal on capabilities introduced with FileMaker 16 in May. Sessions on JSON, Curl, and the REST API were all well attended.

If you’re a member at, you have access to session materials and video records of many sessions. This is a valuable resource for people unable to attend the conference. Membership is free, so why not?

There is always more content than you can take in while at the conference, so at Portage Bay, we reviewed the session listing and put an abbreviated list of sessions to review at our regular dev/education meeting over the next month or two:

INT004  Prototyping
INT006 Bidiretional Relationships
INT007 Algebra in Calcs
ADV005 – iOS App SDK
DEP008 – Jamf, mdm
BUS004 – Increasing code quality
One or two of the case studies (Filemaker in action)
CLO010 Single purpose app

There is no logical grouping above. These are just a subset of sessions that sounded interesting to one of us at our firm. Make your own list, and create your own mini Devcon!

-John Newhoff

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