Pivot Tables in FileMaker

PLEASE NOTE: This article contains a video demo of how we use pivot tables but we don’t have an actual demo file to share at this time. Though we would be delighted to assist you in implementing pivot tables in your solution. Schedule a free 15-minute consultation to review the possibilities.

Pivot tables have always been difficult in FileMaker, that is until now. We have come up with a solution that makes them easy to create and share.

Our solution takes the good parts of FileMaker and pairs it with a great javascript library. Javascript generates the Pivot Table, while FileMaker assists you with selecting the right data. The two coupled together allow you to take a large array of data and create some spectacular and interactive pivot tables.

6 thoughts on “Pivot Tables in FileMaker”

    1. Hello Mauricio,
      Apologies for any confusion. We should change that text to say free downloads/videos.

      We don’t have a free demo file at this time. We’d be happy to help integrate the pivot table library into your solution if you would like. Please email info@portagebay.com if you’d like an estimate for that.

  1. Hi, I am interested in this technique. Can you provide the cost for integrating this into a FileMaker solution?

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