FileMaker vs Airtable – Our 2024 Perspective

Logos of Claris FileMaker and Airtable, with a versus icon in between them
We first posted a review of FileMaker vs Airtable a little over four years ago. We’re circling back around to take another look and have updated this article accordingly. While Airtable has lots of strengths and works well in many circumstances, we remain confident that FileMaker takes the lead with its flexibility and broad range of customization possibilities. Read more
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Looking Ahead to Claris Engage 2024 in Austin, Texas

Landscape photo of the Austin skyline, with river in the foreground, with text about the dates for the Claris Engage 2024 conference
2024 is a very special year for Claris, as it marks their 25th in-person FileMaker conference. The entire team at Portage Bay will be together in Austin and we’re especially excited about that. After years of virtual interactions, it will be the first time that many of us will get to meet in person. We're eager to engage with the Claris community and will be involved in multiple capacities. If you're interested in arranging an in-person meeting at the event, please schedule a time through Calendly. Read more
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Streamlining Quality Management: How FileMaker Powers ISO 9001 Compliance in Real-world Businesses

Implementing a Quality Management System (QMS) in manufacturing is a strategic decision that can significantly impact your customer prospects, efficiency, and product quality. Businesses that receive an ISO 9001 certification have taken an extra step in demonstrating their commitment to quality management and customer satisfaction.  FileMaker stands out as an excellent tool for crafting a QMS that makes ISO compliance not just achievable but tailored to your unique business, through its flexibility in designing custom workflows. Read more
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Overcome Your Programming Challenges with Helpful Integrations

Graphic of a blue gear and orange gear interacting, to represent helpful integrations, on a blue background.
Visit the Claris Beyond YouTube channel to review helpful integrations that can get you through your programming challenges. We also welcome you to join the monthly Meetup calls through Zoom. Read more
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Make Sure You and Your Staff Software Stay Relevant

Photo of man with a backpack walking past a colorful wall mural that says Courage
As a member of Gen X, who cherishes a foundational essence of individuality gleaned from pivotal influences like The Breakfast Club, I surprisingly found myself tempted to brush off the vocal voices from the mainly Millennial and Gen Z crowds. But I realized it was because such idealism - that I much aspire to - didn’t mesh with my own early workforce experiences in the corporate world. As I’ve listened more, and worked on shaking off my presuppositions, I’ve found these humanity-centered ideas and input refreshing, and achievable. Read more
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Add the Informative FileMaker DevCast to Your Listening Routine

Logo for FileMaker DevCast podcast
Whether you’re a seasoned developer or just getting started, the FileMaker DevCast will provide valuable insights and inspiration to help you take your development skills to the next level. Listen on PodBean or Apple Podcasts, and watch on YouTube. Read more
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