Key Benefits of Modernizing Your Very Old FileMaker Solution

Photo of a modernized FileMaker solution being used on a laptop and large monitor.
We recently enjoyed the opportunity to help one of our clients, a landscape architecture firm, navigate the complex process of upgrading their FileMaker database from an antiquated FileMaker 5.5 platform to the modern FileMaker 2024.Here’s a closer look at their journey, challenges, and successes of updating their old FileMaker system. Read more
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Boost Performance by Transferring FileMaker Containers to Amazon S3

Logos of Claris FileMaker and Amazon S3 on a blue background.
We recently migrated two FileMaker solutions from internally stored containers to AWS S3 cloud storage, so naturally, we thought to document the experience for others who might be considering the same option. As one would expect, there were a few unknowns going into this project, so our goal with this article is to provide some pointers and documentation for future reference. Read more
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FileMaker DevCast: Five Thousand Downloads and Now on Spotify

Logos of Spotify and the FileMaker DevCast
BIG NEWS! The FileMaker DevCast has reached 5,000 downloads! And guess what? Every episode of the DevCast is now available on Spotify, in addition to being on PodBean and Apple Podcasts. Read more
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Install Our FREE FileMaker Logging Add-on v2.0

Screenshot of dashboard for our free PBS Logging Add-on
Three years ago, we proudly launched our initial version of PBS Log, a robust add-on designed for FileMaker solutions. Today, we are pleased to unveil an upgraded version, available for free in the Claris Marketplace. Read more
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Easy213, a Custom FileMaker WebDirect App for Disaster Response

Photo of two people assisting during a disaster response - wearing high visibility orange and yellow vests, labeled with their areas of Logistics and Supply.
Portage Bay has been working in the NIMS arena for over a decade, helping various clients with FileMaker applications for managing emergency response, primarily in spill situations. It's an interesting field, and I’m often learning new things that apply to other areas of our business. A couple of years ago, at the urging of one of our clients versed in the Incident Command System (ICS), we decided to write our own app for use during emergency responses, specifically to improve the resource ordering process. Read more
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Finding the Creative Synthesis of SXSW, AI and FileMaker

A ChatGPT generated image of South by Southwest, showing a large crowd inside an industrial building, with many people wearing VR goggles.
This March I had the opportunity to attend SXSW Interactive, one of the premiere gatherings for creatives, technologists, and business leaders. It’s no surprise that SXSW is known as the conference of creativity. I left the event with new, innovative ideas spinning in my head. In this post, I share with you my key insights from the conference, along with demonstrating the role that AI can play in our modern workplace, based on my own experience using it to synthesize the conference materials. Furthermore, I also want to leave you with a creative parallel - demonstrating how SXSW and FileMaker have grown up in similar fashions. Read more
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