FileMaker DevCast: Five Thousand Downloads and Now on Spotify

Logos of Spotify and the FileMaker DevCast
BIG NEWS! The FileMaker DevCast has reached 5,000 downloads! And guess what? Every episode of the DevCast is now available on Spotify, in addition to being on PodBean and Apple Podcasts. Read more
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Announcing the Release of FileMaker 2024

Icon for FileMaker 2024
The much-anticipated FileMaker 2024 release is finally here, bringing a host of marvelous features, including AI and semantic search, to improve your business operations and drive success. Download your free trial of FileMaker 2024 now and get a first-hand feel for these new features. Read more
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Keeping You Up-To-Date: FileMaker DevCast, SXSW, SMTP to OAuth

Photo of Kate standing in front of the photo op banner at South by Southwest in Austin, Texas.
There’s always a lot happening in the Claris FileMaker world and we like to stay in touch with what’s going on. Here are three recent tidbits that will help you stay up-to-date as well - DevCast episode 14, Kate's insights from SXSW, and our upcoming Claris Beyond Meetup about the Google SMTP to OAuth chan Read more
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Finding the Creative Synthesis of SXSW, AI and FileMaker

A ChatGPT generated image of South by Southwest, showing a large crowd inside an industrial building, with many people wearing VR goggles.
This March I had the opportunity to attend SXSW Interactive, one of the premiere gatherings for creatives, technologists, and business leaders. It’s no surprise that SXSW is known as the conference of creativity. I left the event with new, innovative ideas spinning in my head. In this post, I share with you my key insights from the conference, along with demonstrating the role that AI can play in our modern workplace, based on my own experience using it to synthesize the conference materials. Furthermore, I also want to leave you with a creative parallel - demonstrating how SXSW and FileMaker have grown up in similar fashions. Read more
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Decision Time: Should You Upgrade to the Latest FileMaker Version?

Photo of a person jumping between two rock outcroppings, with a vibrant sunrise in the background.
In the realm of database management and application development, staying current with software advancements is more than a luxury. It's a necessity for maintaining a competitive edge and operational efficiency. Over the years, FileMaker, a cornerstone platform for developers and businesses, has evolved.  Here we will distill the essence of these changes, focusing on the leap from FileMaker 12 to FileMaker 2023, to aid in your decision-making process about upgrading. Read more
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FM BetterForms: Creating a Modern Web Application with Your FileMaker Data

Logo for FM BetterForms, used for creating FileMaker web apps
We have been using FM BetterForms for several years to readily create modern, fully web standards-compliant applications for our clients. After attending the recent Claris Engage conference in Austin, Texas, our team has a new-found enthusiasm for building even more applications with BetterForms! Read more
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