FileMaker vs Airtable – Our 2024 Perspective

Logos of Claris FileMaker and Airtable, with a versus icon in between them
We first posted a review of FileMaker vs Airtable a little over four years ago. We’re circling back around to take another look and have updated this article accordingly. While Airtable has lots of strengths and works well in many circumstances, we remain confident that FileMaker takes the lead with its flexibility and broad range of customization possibilities. Read more
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Add the Informative FileMaker DevCast to Your Listening Routine

Logo for FileMaker DevCast podcast
Whether you’re a seasoned developer or just getting started, the FileMaker DevCast will provide valuable insights and inspiration to help you take your development skills to the next level. Listen on PodBean or Apple Podcasts, and watch on YouTube. Read more
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Five Proven Options for Incorporating Barcodes in FileMaker

QR Code scan on mobile device
In June of 1974, a pack of gum at Marsh's Supermarket in Troy, Ohio, was the first item ever scanned. Since then, barcodes have become ubiquitous and have a multitude of applications and uses inside your Claris FileMaker solutions. Read more
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2023 Claris Platform Update

Last week Claris held a 2023 Update Webinar to highlight the advances in the Claris Platform and outline the roadmap for ongoing development.

The new Claris Platform has been under development for several years now. It comprises Claris Pro/Claris Read more

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Discover New Features And Exciting Changes With The Claris FileMaker 19.6.1 Update

“Claris FileMaker 19.6 continues to deliver significant improvements in performance, security, and reliability, including support for the latest Apple operating systems — macOS Venture, iOS 16, and iPadOS 16. Plus, get even more new tools you can trust to Read more

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The Age of Digital Transformation and Why it Matters (part 1 of 4)

We all have a lot on our plates these days (often too much!), and it can be hard to keep up with these needs for expanding technology and ensuring your business is taking advantage of the options they should be. Not only is our job to stay up to date on the latest technology, but also to understand our client’s businesses so we can help ensure they are meeting their goals. That’s why we are kicking off this summer with a new four-part blog series that delivers the keys to this kind of tailored, successful custom software development, called Harnessing the Power of Digital Transformation.

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