Expand Your Integrations Knowledge through the FileMaker User Group, Claris Beyond

Photo of colorful, braided strands of yarn, illustrating FileMaker integrations.
Join Claris Beyond, a FileMaker user group focused on integrations. Join us to hear these upcoming speakers. Vince Mennano- Inspector Pro, Joe Ranne - FFmpeg, Mark Richman - Gloss, and Jacob Carr - GraphQL. Read more
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Decision Time: Should You Upgrade to the Latest FileMaker Version?

Photo of a person jumping between two rock outcroppings, with a vibrant sunrise in the background.
In the realm of database management and application development, staying current with software advancements is more than a luxury. It's a necessity for maintaining a competitive edge and operational efficiency. Over the years, FileMaker, a cornerstone platform for developers and businesses, has evolved.  Here we will distill the essence of these changes, focusing on the leap from FileMaker 12 to FileMaker 2023, to aid in your decision-making process about upgrading. Read more
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Stick with FileMaker or Choose a FileMaker Alternative?

A tech-themed photo with a graphic overlay of a variety of question marks in circles.
What is it about the FileMaker Platform that keeps developers coming back when there are so many newer products around that may claim to offer a similar range of features, or better? Read more
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FM BetterForms: Creating a Modern Web Application with Your FileMaker Data

Logo for FM BetterForms, used for creating FileMaker web apps
We have been using FM BetterForms for several years to readily create modern, fully web standards-compliant applications for our clients. After attending the recent Claris Engage conference in Austin, Texas, our team has a new-found enthusiasm for building even more applications with BetterForms! Read more
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FileMaker vs Airtable – Our 2024 Perspective

Logos of Claris FileMaker and Airtable, with a versus icon in between them
We first posted a review of FileMaker vs Airtable a little over four years ago. We’re circling back around to take another look and have updated this article accordingly. While Airtable has lots of strengths and works well in many circumstances, we remain confident that FileMaker takes the lead with its flexibility and broad range of customization possibilities. Read more
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Unlock the Best of Austin: 8 Insider Tips to Maximize Your Claris Engage 2024 Experience

Photograph from the middle of the water at Barton Springs Pool in Austin, Texas.
Heading to Austin, Texas, soon for the Claris Engage conference? Are you looking to extend your stay so you can explore the best of Austin and the greater Hill Country? Drawing on my local knowledge and the expertise of my husband, Kurt, a native Texan, we've put together a list of recommendations for those looking to make the most of their stay and explore the vibrant offerings that Austin provides. Read more
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