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Taking a FileMaker database to the next level often requires third-party tools. Let’s say you want to add Quickbooks integration or a rich calendar interface that will sync with the calendar on your phone. For features like this, we often turn to third-partly tools and solutions rather than build the requested feature from scratch.

FileMaker recently released a new website, Made for FileMaker, which serves as a hub of available FileMaker solutions for sale as well as plug-ins and external resources related to FileMaker.

The site has sections for database solutions, iPad/iPhone solutions, plug-ins, developer tools, readers and bar code scanners, and books/videos. The great thing about having a central site with all this information is that all the products are developed by FileMaker Business Alliance members. There is no need to look around at different developers’ sites for the product you may need.

The site offers a variety of tools and plug-ins that can enhance any database. We have experience integrating many of the plug ins and tools offered on the site:

  • FMPro Migrator – convert Access databases to FileMaker Pro databases.
  • CNS Barcode – scan barcodes right into FileMaker Pro as well as create barcodes from data in your database.
  • CNS Audit – audit logging and tracking all modifications to data in a FileMaker database.
  • 360Works Email – manage a designated e-mail address and import e-mails into a database, inserting e-mail attachments into container fields.
  • FM Books Connector- integrate Quickbooks accounting software with a FileMaker solution.
  • xmChart – create advanced and complex charts and graphs.
  • Calendar Pro – Integrate an easy to use calendar interface with all the bells and whistles.
  • Zulu: Calendar Syncing – sync a FileMaker database calendar with iCal or the Calendar on the iPhone.

~Kate Wheeler

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