Credit Card Security & FileMaker

We’ve recently been working on designing a new set of features for a FileMaker solution used by one of our clients.

Our client asked us to write a new order processing interface, including credit card charging, while maintaining PCI compliance (essentially, credit card number security).

We were able to meet these requirements through the use of 360Works Plastic, a 3rd party plug-in for FileMaker. The plug-in allows FileMaker to interact securely with 12 gateways, including

The plugin comes with a sample file that includes demo code for every gateway.

The demo code is very handy for scripting transactions. The new version of Plastic supports payment profiles with Payment profiles allow you to create a profile in by supplying the credit card data and billing data. Once submitted, you receive a profile ID, which is stored within the customer record (or credit card record if the customer has multiple credit cards).

Then, when you want to charge, authorize, or refund the credit card, only the payment profile ID needs to be supplied. The plugin also supports creating customer profiles and shipping profiles within This functionality completely solves the problem of needing to support automated credit card charging without having to store the actual credit card number in the FileMaker application.
~ Kate Wheeler

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