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Download Our Free Xodo Sign Custom Connector and Integrate Digital Signing With FileMaker

We are excited to announce the latest feature in Claris Connectcustom connectors! This newest and greatly anticipated feature is now available in every Claris Connect account. This means we are no longer limited to just the prebuilt connectors, but can now create a customized connector for virtually any API that exists.

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Download Our First Custom Connector for Free – Xodo Sign!

We are giving away our first custom connector, completely free. Since the importance of digital signing is paramount to any successful modern application, we decided to build one using Xodo Sign (formerly eversign).

What is Xodo Sign?

Basically, Xodo Sign works like DocuSign, a web-based digital signature solution that can be used to send documents and receive legally binding signatures, all virtually.

Stock photo of person using a digital signature feature through an iPad application.

Xodo Sign provides legal validity and compliance as defined by the United States and Europe. There are multiple features such as an audit trail, templates, contact management, plus an API that can be used to integrate with other applications. A variety of pricing options are available, including a free lite version.

How do FileMaker and Xodo Sign integrate?

Xodo Sign (formerly eversign) has its own REST API to be used to build an API integration with any FileMaker application. The combination of a well-built FileMaker solution with a reliable e-sign platform creates a streamlined document workflow and enhances productivity. Popular integrations of  FileMaker and Xodo Sign include:

  • Click a button in FileMaker which automatically uploads a contract (created from a layout in FileMaker) to Xodo Sign and sends it to a contact for signature.
  • When documents are signed in Xodo SIgn, automatically update the related record in FileMaker, alerting stakeholders that the documents have been executed.
  • Create customized layouts with placeholders for signature and initial elements using a FileMaker layout, and then save these as templates in your Xodo Sign account.

Why is Digital Signing Important?

Jacob Carr discusses the importance of digital signing in his recent blog post. Implementing an automated signature process reduces cumbersome manual steps and keeps an indelible record of signed documents. With the security features provided by e-sign platforms, the highest standards of security are ensured.

How do I Install this free Xodo Sign Custom Connector?

Great, I’m so happy you want to integrate this Xodo Sign connector and FileMaker. Here are the steps:

  1. Create a Claris Connect account. Refer to an earlier post for a quick intro on how to begin.
  2. Sign up for a Xodo Sign account. They offer a free tier as well. 🙂
  3. Install a JSON editor application. I use Visual Studio Code.
  4. Download the Xodo Sign custom connector at the end of this post. It will be saved as xodosign_custom_connector.json.
  5. Open Claris Connect, then click on the Custom Connectors tab.
  6. Click the Create a new connector button.
Create a new connector button within Claris Connect.

7. You will then see an interface that looks like this. Open the JSON file from step 4 (xodosign_custom_connector.json) using your JSON editor application you downloaded in step 3.

Sample view of the JSON file for the free Xodo Sign custom connector, within the JSON editor.

8. Copy the entire contents of the xodosign_custom_connector.json file and paste them into this area, replacing the entire contents, and click Save & Test, then Publish Connector.

View the installation video in our Claris Connect YouTube playlist.

GIF demonstrating installation of the free Xodo Sign custom connector.

9. You will then see your new connector, Xodo Sign, listed in the list of custom connectors.

View of Xodo Sign custom connector icon within the list of custom connectors in Claris Connect.

10. If you are comfortable with your skills, it is time to start building your customized Claris Connect flow! If you’d like more guidance, stay tuned for an upcoming post with a demo file on using this custom connector to send and receive signing documents from FileMaker.

Generic icon of Xodo Sign custom connector within Claris Connect.

Download File & Subscribe to Custom Connector News

It’s exciting to see the possibilities for FileMaker integrations come together with any API you use. We will be releasing more custom connector related content – a FileMaker DevCast reviewing the technical perspective, more custom connectors for you to download, plus additional technical blog posts.

  • Download the free Xodo Sign connector below.
  • And also subscribe to “Custom Connector News” if you’d like to receive alerts about this special new feature. 


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