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The current incarnation of our Blog was first published 6 years ago. During that time we’ve posted a lot of blog articles, included a number that include sample files that demonstrate a variety of techniques and ideas for features in FileMaker.

The demo files have been downloaded hundreds of times by developers all over the world. The most popular post has been the Modular Dialog demonstration file, partly because it is cross posted at modularfilemaker.org.

Below is a summary of the demo files currently available in our history of blog articles.

Appended PDFs in FileMaker Go
FileMaker Go does not support the capability to Append to PDF, although it works in FileMaker Pro. This demo file shows an approach for working around this limitation.

Button Bar Sort Header
It is a very common request to have the column headers in a listing layout or portal be buttons that allow you to sort the records by the column that you click. This demo file has a modular approach to adding sortable column headers to any FileMaker database.

Date Range Chooser
Requesting a date range from the user is another common requirement of most FileMaker Apps. The date widget chooser demonstrates a modular card window approach that can easily be implemented in multiple solutions.

FileMaker 16 and cURL
The cURL (Command line URL) support in the Insert from URL script step was significantly enhanced with FileMaker 16. Learn all about it with the demonstration file.

FileMaker Finds 1
A thorough introduction to finds in FileMaker with an included sample file.

FM Cluster Maps
This blog post was a precursor to our development of the Map Widget described below and talks about using Google’s mapping API to show clusters of locations.

Using hashtags in social media is ubiquitous. This post and demo file show how to implement an easy to use hash tagging system in FileMaker.

Linked Web Browser
Clicking on a link in a FileMaker WebViewer will open the URL in the web viewer, but what if you want the link to open in your user’s browser? This post and demo file show’s how to accomplish this requirement.

Map Widget
Our first FileMaker application to be sold as a product, the Map Widget is available for purchase on our web site and allows you to easily implement a modular card window Google Map with callbacks to your FileMaker solution.

Modular Dialog
Database applications often require communications with the user and FileMaker’s Show Custom Dialog script step is typically used for this. The Modular Dialog demo file shows an alternative approach for displaying messages to your users.

You can find a compressive list of all of our blog posts with demo files here

~ John Newhoff

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