Stick with FileMaker or Choose a FileMaker Alternative?

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What is it about the FileMaker Platform that keeps developers coming back when there are so many newer products around that may claim to offer a similar range of features, or better? Read more
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FM BetterForms: Creating a Modern Web Application with Your FileMaker Data

Logo for FM BetterForms, used for creating FileMaker web apps
We have been using FM BetterForms for several years to readily create modern, fully web standards-compliant applications for our clients. After attending the recent Claris Engage conference in Austin, Texas, our team has a new-found enthusiasm for building even more applications with BetterForms! Read more
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FileMaker vs Airtable – Our 2024 Perspective

Logos of Claris FileMaker and Airtable, with a versus icon in between them
We first posted a review of FileMaker vs Airtable a little over four years ago. We’re circling back around to take another look and have updated this article accordingly. While Airtable has lots of strengths and works well in many circumstances, we remain confident that FileMaker takes the lead with its flexibility and broad range of customization possibilities. Read more
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Five Proven Options for Incorporating Barcodes in FileMaker

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In June of 1974, a pack of gum at Marsh's Supermarket in Troy, Ohio, was the first item ever scanned. Since then, barcodes have become ubiquitous and have a multitude of applications and uses inside your Claris FileMaker solutions. Read more
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Easy213 App – FileMaker In The Incident Command System

We write requirements documentation for database projects all the time, of course, but one of the more challenging requirements we’ve had to deal with in a FileMaker application is that it function well in a disaster response environment.

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12 Valuable Ways to Modernize your FileMaker Database

When I meet people and tell them I build custom apps in FileMaker, the number of people who recall the platform from years and years ago with a nostalgic smile is impressive. Perhaps the loyalty FileMaker users have toward the platform is an important reason Claris FileMaker has thrived for so long. Along with PowerPoint and Microsoft Word, FileMaker stands with some of the few software applications nearing 40 years old. It has become a software platform that has stood the test of time. But in today's age, your FileMaker Pro database management system is no longer a stand-alone solution. It needs to become the hub to connect your existing business applications and integrate them with custom solutions in the cloud.

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