Decision Time: Should You Upgrade to the Latest FileMaker Version?

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In the realm of database management and application development, staying current with software advancements is more than a luxury. It's a necessity for maintaining a competitive edge and operational efficiency. Over the years, FileMaker, a cornerstone platform for developers and businesses, has evolved.  Here we will distill the essence of these changes, focusing on the leap from FileMaker 12 to FileMaker 2023, to aid in your decision-making process about upgrading. Read more
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Stick with FileMaker or Choose a FileMaker Alternative?

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What is it about the FileMaker Platform that keeps developers coming back when there are so many newer products around that may claim to offer a similar range of features, or better? Read more
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Looking Ahead to Claris Engage 2024 in Austin, Texas

Landscape photo of the Austin skyline, with river in the foreground, with text about the dates for the Claris Engage 2024 conference
2024 is a very special year for Claris, as it marks their 25th in-person FileMaker conference. The entire team at Portage Bay will be together in Austin and we’re especially excited about that. After years of virtual interactions, it will be the first time that many of us will get to meet in person. We're eager to engage with the Claris community and will be involved in multiple capacities. If you're interested in arranging an in-person meeting at the event, please schedule a time through Calendly. Read more
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Streamlining Quality Management: How FileMaker Powers ISO 9001 Compliance in Real-world Businesses

Implementing a Quality Management System (QMS) in manufacturing is a strategic decision that can significantly impact your customer prospects, efficiency, and product quality. Businesses that receive an ISO 9001 certification have taken an extra step in demonstrating their commitment to quality management and customer satisfaction.  FileMaker stands out as an excellent tool for crafting a QMS that makes ISO compliance not just achievable but tailored to your unique business, through its flexibility in designing custom workflows. Read more
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Pause & EngageU: A Wonderful Wrap-Up to 2023

Photo of Anannyaa Panda and Katia Royer (ClickWorks), Kate Waldhauser (Portage Bay Solutions), & Marie Normand (Claris)
We wrapped up this last part of 2023 with participation in two wonderful Claris FileMaker conferences - Pause in Clayton, Georgia, and EngageU in Antwerp, Belgium. Now we are eagerly shifting our attention to February when our entire team will be at the Apple Campus in Austin for Claris Engage. Read more
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Overcome Your Programming Challenges with Helpful Integrations

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Visit the Claris Beyond YouTube channel to review helpful integrations that can get you through your programming challenges. We also welcome you to join the monthly Meetup calls through Zoom. Read more
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