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1,000 DevCast Downloads + Two New Episodes!

Achievement Unlocked: 1,000 DevCast Downloads!

We’ve reached 1,000 downloads of our podcast episodes! That sounds like a good reason to announce the availability of two more – see the details below. Check us out at PodBean or at Apple Podcasts, or you can watch the sessions in our YouTube channel. Let us know what you think. We’re glad you’re here!

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REST Easy: Accomplishing API Integration With Postman

In our fifth episode of the FileMaker DevCast we cover an Amazon S3 project, taking you behind the scenes to illustrate how Postman can streamline API integration. Listen in as we reveal key techniques, share invaluable tips, and demonstrate how to efficiently integrate Postman into your developer workflow. Whether you’re new to Claris FileMaker or a seasoned pro looking to enhance your skills, this episode is packed with practical knowledge to help you troubleshoot, test, and master APIs in Postman.

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Join in to hear from our experienced developers, refine your approach, and supercharge your FileMaker development process!

Diagram from Amazon S3's product page, explaining moving, storing, and analyzing data through buckets


Masking Identities: Incorporating Data Depersonalization in FileMaker Pro

In today’s digital world, securing personal data has never been more critical. Our sixth episode is where we delve deep into the world of data depersonalization using FileMaker. We unpack the steps to anonymize sensitive data, ensuring robust privacy protection without losing the ability to analyze and utilize information effectively.

We have years of experience and have gained extensive knowledge. We enjoy offering practical insights, techniques, and guidance on creating and maintaining a depersonalized data environment.

Coming Soon!

We aim to release a new DevCast episode every fourth Monday. So check back in July and August for discussions about Claris Studio and JavaScript in FileMaker. In the meantime, check out our earlier podcasts, our other blog articles, and our free add-ons and demos. Thank you for sharing these interests right along with us!

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