Unlock the Best of Austin: 8 Insider Tips to Maximize Your Claris Engage 2024 Experience

Photograph from the middle of the water at Barton Springs Pool in Austin, Texas.
Heading to Austin, Texas, soon for the Claris Engage conference? Are you looking to extend your stay so you can explore the best of Austin and the greater Hill Country? Drawing on my local knowledge and the expertise of my husband, Kurt, a native Texan, we've put together a list of recommendations for those looking to make the most of their stay and explore the vibrant offerings that Austin provides. Read more
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Looking Ahead to Claris Engage 2024 in Austin, Texas

Landscape photo of the Austin skyline, with river in the foreground, with text about the dates for the Claris Engage 2024 conference
2024 is a very special year for Claris, as it marks their 25th in-person FileMaker conference. The entire team at Portage Bay will be together in Austin and we’re especially excited about that. After years of virtual interactions, it will be the first time that many of us will get to meet in person. We're eager to engage with the Claris community and will be involved in multiple capacities. If you're interested in arranging an in-person meeting at the event, please schedule a time through Calendly. Read more
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Upcoming Events on the Road to Claris Engage 2024

Cartoon graphic of station wagon with suitcases strapped to the top
Are you on the road to Claris Engage 2024? The 25th live event is just a few months away and will be held at the Apple Austin Campus in Austin, Texas. In the meantime, there are several FileMaker events taking place around the world, too. Read more
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Pause 2023 Takes Place Next Week!

Logo for annual Pause conference in Georgia for Claris FileMaker developers
John, Joe, & Xandon are headed to Pause next week, at the Kaplan Mitchell Retreat Center in the Georgia mountains. They're looking forward to again joining a group of great Claris FileMaker developers and learning a lot of interesting new things about FileMaker, software development, and technical tidbits of an unknown nature. Read more
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UPDATED! Download An Easy-To-Use And Integrate Modular Tool For Choosing A Date Range

UPDATED! Download an easy-to-use and integrate modular tool for choosing a date range

Updated download

We originally wrote about our tool, the Modular Date Range Chooser, in October of 2018. Not long ago, a reader of the blog was integrating the demo into their Claris FileMaker solution and found a couple Read more

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12 Valuable Ways to Modernize your FileMaker Database

When I meet people and tell them I build custom apps in FileMaker, the number of people who recall the platform from years and years ago with a nostalgic smile is impressive. Perhaps the loyalty FileMaker users have toward the platform is an important reason Claris FileMaker has thrived for so long. Along with PowerPoint and Microsoft Word, FileMaker stands with some of the few software applications nearing 40 years old. It has become a software platform that has stood the test of time. But in today's age, your FileMaker Pro database management system is no longer a stand-alone solution. It needs to become the hub to connect your existing business applications and integrate them with custom solutions in the cloud.

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