Logo for annual Pause conference in Georgia for Claris FileMaker developers

Pause 2023 Takes Place Next Week!

Today, as ever, two factors are essential to Pause – space and time. 


Pause Conference 2023

The FileMaker Pause conference has become an annual event in Georgia for the last few years and it will be back at the Kaplan Mitchell Retreat Center again the first week in October.

Graphic representation of the 2023 Pause conference for Claris FileMaker developers.

While the moniker has morphed from Pause on Error to just Pause,  it looks like the conference format and likely group of Claris FileMaker developer attendees will be similar to past years.

Though I’m hopeful we’ll see the Pause conference put in a west coast appearance next year, I’m looking forward to again joining a group of great Claris FileMaker developers and learning a lot of interesting new things about FileMaker, software development, and technical tidbits of an unknown nature. 🙂

Last year I really enjoyed an ad hoc session on multi-factor authentication in FileMaker and another session on ergonomics that ignited a real interest in 3D printing that I haven’t yet addressed.

This year three of us from Portage Bay will be attending. Myself, Joe Ranne, and Xandon Frogget. This will be Xandon’s first time attending Pause.

Stay Tuned for the Follow-Up and Recap on FileMaker DevCast

We’ll be doing a follow-up post after the Pause conference to let you know about all the exciting things we learned. Stay tuned!

Logo for the 2023 Pause conference for Claris FileMaker developers

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