Grow Your Business Through Build, Grow, Learn

Word Cloud of terms related to business growth and strategy.
Last week I had the good fortune to attend the Build, Grow, Learn conference in Greenville, SC.  The conference was put on by long-time FileMaker community members at Beyond The Chaos, The Scarpetta Group, and Kalos Consulting, but focused in a little bit different direction than the traditionally tech-oriented FileMaker conferences. Build, Grow, Learn was focused more on how to manage and grow your business, and FileMaker folks were only about a quarter of the attendees. Read more
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Claris Engage Recap + DevCast with Special Guest, Clay Maeckel

Group photo of the Portage Bay Solutions team at Claris Engage 2024
During the Claris Engage conference in February, Clay Maeckel, Chief Software Architect at Claris, graciously shared some of his time with us as a guest on our podcast, for Episode 13 the FileMaker DevCast. In the first part of the podcast, our citizen developer host, Dan Smiley, and Clay discuss a variety of areas. Then the podcast wraps up with our team sharing post-conference takeaways, insights, and favorite moments.  Read more
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Finding the Creative Synthesis of SXSW, AI and FileMaker

A ChatGPT generated image of South by Southwest, showing a large crowd inside an industrial building, with many people wearing VR goggles.
This March I had the opportunity to attend SXSW Interactive, one of the premiere gatherings for creatives, technologists, and business leaders. It’s no surprise that SXSW is known as the conference of creativity. I left the event with new, innovative ideas spinning in my head. In this post, I share with you my key insights from the conference, along with demonstrating the role that AI can play in our modern workplace, based on my own experience using it to synthesize the conference materials. Furthermore, I also want to leave you with a creative parallel - demonstrating how SXSW and FileMaker have grown up in similar fashions. Read more
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Attend Build Grow Learn in April – Real Speakers with Real-World Training

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Attend Build Grow Learn in April! Built by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs, who took everything they've loved about attending events for decades, and threw away everything they've hated. This event is built for the entrepreneur who is truly ready to build their business, grow themselves, and learn to scale! Read more
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Unlock the Best of Austin: 8 Insider Tips to Maximize Your Claris Engage 2024 Experience

Photograph from the middle of the water at Barton Springs Pool in Austin, Texas.
Heading to Austin, Texas, soon for the Claris Engage conference? Are you looking to extend your stay so you can explore the best of Austin and the greater Hill Country? Drawing on my local knowledge and the expertise of my husband, Kurt, a native Texan, we've put together a list of recommendations for those looking to make the most of their stay and explore the vibrant offerings that Austin provides. Read more
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Looking Ahead to Claris Engage 2024 in Austin, Texas

Landscape photo of the Austin skyline, with river in the foreground, with text about the dates for the Claris Engage 2024 conference
2024 is a very special year for Claris, as it marks their 25th in-person FileMaker conference. The entire team at Portage Bay will be together in Austin and we’re especially excited about that. After years of virtual interactions, it will be the first time that many of us will get to meet in person. We're eager to engage with the Claris community and will be involved in multiple capacities. If you're interested in arranging an in-person meeting at the event, please schedule a time through Calendly. Read more
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