Pause & EngageU: A Wonderful Wrap-Up to 2023

Photo of Anannyaa Panda and Katia Royer (ClickWorks), Kate Waldhauser (Portage Bay Solutions), & Marie Normand (Claris)
We wrapped up this last part of 2023 with participation in two wonderful Claris FileMaker conferences - Pause in Clayton, Georgia, and EngageU in Antwerp, Belgium. Now we are eagerly shifting our attention to February when our entire team will be at the Apple Campus in Austin for Claris Engage. Read more
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Grateful for the Uniquely Great Ecosystem of Pause 2023

Photo of a blue tie-dyed t-shirt, with the Pause logo.
Portage Bay sent three people from our team to the annual Pause ‘unconference’ for FileMaker developers. What did we see and learn this fall? Each of our attendees recaps their own highlights in the article. Read more
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Bringing a Strong Workflow Automation Discussion to Europe’s EngageU

Photo of Kate Waldhauser, with title of her speaking session at EngageU in Antwerp, Belgium. Picking a Path for Automated Workflows.
Kate will be speaking about a topic close to her heart - workflow automation - in Antwerp, Belgium, at EngageU, the largest in-person European FileMaker conference. Read more
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Upcoming Events on the Road to Claris Engage 2024

Cartoon graphic of station wagon with suitcases strapped to the top
Are you on the road to Claris Engage 2024? The 25th live event is just a few months away and will be held at the Apple Austin Campus in Austin, Texas. In the meantime, there are several FileMaker events taking place around the world, too. Read more
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Pause 2023 Takes Place Next Week!

Logo for annual Pause conference in Georgia for Claris FileMaker developers
John, Joe, & Xandon are headed to Pause next week, at the Kaplan Mitchell Retreat Center in the Georgia mountains. They're looking forward to again joining a group of great Claris FileMaker developers and learning a lot of interesting new things about FileMaker, software development, and technical tidbits of an unknown nature. Read more
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Join Our In-Person API Workshop in Seattle on July 10th! Register Now!

Registration details for Claris Beyond Summer Workshop
We are excited to announce the first in-person gathering for the Claris Beyond Meetup! Registration is open for the 7/10/23 Summer Workshop in Seattle, Washington. Register now! Read more
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