NEW VIDEO! Claris Connect: Handling Events With Outlook

The Claris Connect Meetup has been gathering online for 18 months where we’ve reviewed a lot of connectors and have had some great discussions about the various aspects of incorporating these automations into your solutions. Today’s blog post shares with you our YouTube channel where you can watch several videos delving deeper into specific connectors. You can also find us online next month at AutoEnter Live where we’ll share a highlight reel of past Meetup sessions and make a special announcement about the expanding future of the user group.


Our Meetups often contain a Connector of the Month and in the video below Kate Waldhauser reviewed Outlook, a powerful connector with lots of actions and triggers. She focused on the calendar features of the connector and how those can be used to sync calendar data between Outlook and FileMaker, with minimal time. We can push and pull event titles, start date and time, end date and time, as well as location and other fields. Continue with the video below to learn more.


iPaaS stands for ‘Integration Platform as a Service’ and if that isn’t one of the less clear product categories around, we don’t know what is. Everyone knows what a coffee vendor sells, but what does an iPaaS vendor provide? An iPaaS system, at least for the purposes of this video, is a web service/platform that allows you to integrate the capabilities of many different service providers into a series of operations with data from one operation feeding into the next. John Newhoff spent some time in a recent Meetup comparing some iPaaS options, and you can read his blog post on the topic as a companion to the video.


Enjoy these twelve videos below to explore even more ways to use Claris Connect. Keep the Claris Connect App Directory handy for cross-reference, as there are now 58 connectors and counting.


In July we’ll be releasing another video on YouTube covering the Stripe connector. Subscribe to our channel so you’ll know when it’s out. And then take a few more steps to further your knowledge of how to expand the capabilities of FileMaker.

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