Pause & EngageU: A Wonderful Wrap-Up to 2023

Photo of Anannyaa Panda and Katia Royer (ClickWorks), Kate Waldhauser (Portage Bay Solutions), & Marie Normand (Claris)
We wrapped up this last part of 2023 with participation in two wonderful Claris FileMaker conferences - Pause in Clayton, Georgia, and EngageU in Antwerp, Belgium. Now we are eagerly shifting our attention to February when our entire team will be at the Apple Campus in Austin for Claris Engage. Read more
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Grateful for the Uniquely Great Ecosystem of Pause 2023

Photo of a blue tie-dyed t-shirt, with the Pause logo.
Portage Bay sent three people from our team to the annual Pause ‘unconference’ for FileMaker developers. What did we see and learn this fall? Each of our attendees recaps their own highlights in the article. Read more
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FM19 Add-On Spotlight: Photo Gallery

Have you ever wanted to view your Claris FileMaker photos in a full-screen tile view or use a gallery of images as an interactive user interface? Traditionally, native image management within the Claris FileMaker environment has been limited, but the new Photo Gallery Add-On looks to change that.

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