New Add-on! Free FileMaker Date Picker Widget

Screenshot from our free FileMaker Date Picker Widget
As part of an internal project where we are turning some of our various code modules into add-ons, we’ve revised the date picker and are making it freely available. Download it from within the article. Read more
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Download Our Free Xodo Sign Custom Connector and Integrate Digital Signing With FileMaker

Icons for Xodo Sign and Claris Connect
We are excited to announce the latest feature in Claris Connect - custom connectors! This newest and greatly anticipated feature is now available in every Claris Connect account. This means we are no longer limited to just the pre-built connectors but can now create a customized connector for virtually any API that exists. Read more
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See Improved Performance In The Button Bar Portal Sort Header

See Improved Performance in the Button Bar Portal Sort Header

**This post is an updated version of an earlier post that can be found here.**

The Button Bar Portal Sort Header gets better and better

We first released a demo and video about the Portal Sort Header back Read more

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UPDATED! Download An Easy-To-Use And Integrate Modular Tool For Choosing A Date Range

UPDATED! Download an easy-to-use and integrate modular tool for choosing a date range


Updated download

We originally wrote about our tool, the Modular Date Range Chooser, in October of 2018. Not long ago, a reader of the blog was Read more

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DEMO: Didn’t Know You Could Do That With A DataTable!

As Claris FileMaker developers we are always on the lookout for resources that will enhance our solutions in an easy and intuitive way. DataTables can be a rather challenging feature to implement from scratch without some serious learning and research, but resources like the popular Carafe Kitchen provide a great starting point for anyone wanting to implement a basic DataTables integration. Like any great resource though, it’s important to understand its limitations. While Carafe offers a great tool kit for basic DataTable integrations, it’s not always the easiest to expand so today we’ll explore two development processes for creating your own DataTables integration - Carafe Kitchen and JSDev.

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Download a Free Tool to Help Guide You Through Your Transformation (Part 4 of 4)

Welcome to the fourth part of this summer’s blog series about Harnessing the Power of Digital Transformation. This post offers real-world advice on implementing a successful custom software project. Download the free tool and use it as a guide that will take you through the steps of analyzing your business goals, seeing examples of digital tools to help with that goal, and choosing relevant KPIs to measure your success. It was built using Claris FileMaker 19, in under 15 hours, and also serves as an example of the types of rapid solutions and thorough abilities at which FileMaker excels.

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